Moenchengladbach is the 2. July 2017 a special part of the Tour de France. The second stage of the most famous bicycle race in the world leads from Dusseldorf to Liege. After the first stage in Dusseldorf is located at 2. July open the driver’s field of Moenchengladbach and drive here across the entire city. A special highlight will be the first sprint of the Tour here.

In order to implement an international sporting event of this magnitude smoothly and successfully, many dedicated people and partners are needed. And of course, financial resources. Much of the Mönchengladbach pleased to see local live on the big wheel event. It is now available for every citizen in Moenchengladbach, the opportunity to come out as TOUR FAN FEVER and thus to make a small contribution to financial support.

With the acquisition of TOUR FEVER Pins or one of the TOUR FEVER sculptures.


Download Product „Eiffel Tower“ and „bicycle“.Prices and purchase options of the sculptures can be found in the product information.

Experience the TOUR FEVER Pins is available in „silver“ and „gold“. The sculpture „Eiffel Tower“ and „bicycle“ made of stainless steel. Both made with great attention by the company. Heinz Gothe GmbH & Co.KG and available in 2 or 3 sizes. Part of the selling price goes to the overall financing of this sporty High Lights. The rest is used for production.

Be there – is to join and support. Whether 10 50 euros or euros for the TOUR FEVER pin or a TOUR FEVER table sculpture made of stainless steel for from 48 euros. Even after the 2. July has any TOUR FEVER fan the beautiful Erinnerung- I was there!
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The pins there at the price of EUR 10 ( „silver“) and 50 euros ( „GOLD“)

Mo -Do, 8.30 – 16 pm

in Marketing mbH,

Voltastrasse 2, 41061 Mönchengladbach


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