General resident information

On July 2nd, Mönchengladbach will be a special part of the Tour de France. The second leg of the world-famous bicycle race leads from Düsseldorf to Liège. After the first leg in Düsseldorf, the cyclists will be on their way to Mönchengladbach and cross the city for 20km.

Consequently, you are located in the first row for this unique sports event. Thus, the Tour de France passes your front door – something you can still tell your grandchildren about. Hopefully, this makes the connected restrictions of your mobility and reachability bearable. We seek to minimize the restrictions and thank you for your understanding.


Should you expect visitors, you should recommend them to arrive early and to use the parking lots at Borussia-Park. The NEW offers shuttle services from the parking lots at Borussia Park to Rheydt’s Mittelstraße and Mönchengladbach city’s Aachener Straße from 10 am to 7 pm. Parking lots and the shuttle are free of charge.

As of June 19th, the special public transportation schedules for the sprint Sunday are available here.

The flyer can be downloaded here!


Blocking time

The sprint route will be completed cancelated from Rathenaustraße to Bismarckstraße to Hohenzollernstraße. Bismarckstraße will be blocked from July 1st, 4 pm, to Monday morning (July 3rd).



There will be stopping restrictions at the complete route from July 1st (6 pm) to July 2nd (6 pm). We kindly ask you to park your vehicles on substitute parking lots in time. Please consider that you won’t be able to move your vehicle on July 2nd (8 am to 5 pm) depending on where you park it. The entire route and its crossings will be blocked during that time. As support, we offer the following additional parking lots:


On the schoolyards of the following schools:

  • Gymnasium am Geroweiher
  • Math.-Nat. Gymnasium, Rheydter Str. 65
  • Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Franz-Wamich, Buscherstraße 52
  • Städt. Kath. Grundschule, Nordstraße 59
  • Ev. Grundschule Pahlkestraße 9
  • Sporthalle Werner-Gilles-Straße
  • Grundschule Waisenhaustraße 15
  • Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Steinsstraße 170


On the parking lots of the following sport facilities:

  • Bezirkssportanlage Wickrath, Poststraße 6
  • Bezirkssportanlage Geistenbeck, Stapper Weg 346
  • Mehrzweckhalle Wanlo, An der Kirche 10


These substitute parking lots are available from July 1st (4 pm) to July 2nd (8 pm). Please keep in mind that school starts again on Monday morning. Consequently, no vehicles are allowed to be parked there at that time.

Please consider: Dead ends at the route are also not reachable.



The following crossings will be opened until 10 am on July 2nd. Afterwards, they will be closed and can only be trespassed by ambulances for emergencies.

  • Korschenbroicher Straße / crossing Volksbadstraße
  • Rheydter Straße / crossing Hof- u. Brunnenstraße
  • Wickrather Straße / crossing Tippweg / Berliner Straße
  • Reststrauch / crossing Geistenbecker Ring

Nursing services and meals on wheels will receive information about the changed situation on July 1st and 2nd in time. However, please talk to your nursing service about your supply and reachability so that the service can adjust to the restrictions ahead of the event.


The fire department, police and emergency medical services are able to reach or cross blocked areas at any time!



Please consider that advertisements at the Tour’s route is not allowed by the Tour de France organizer. It will be removed ahead of the start. Should you like to organize an own TOUR FEVER event with your friends and neighbors, please register via (“Events are the course”).


Should you have any questions, please contact the citizen center’s hotline via +49 2161/252017

We would like to take this chance to apologize for any inconveniences during the event.


INFORMATION HOTLINE +49 2161/25 20 17