Dear representatives of the press,

Please find all important information about the Tour de France in Mönchengladbach here:


On Sunday, July 2nd, the second leg of the Tour de France crosses Mönchengladbach for about 20 km. An important highlight for the news coverage is also the first sprint classification that takes place at Rathenaustraße/Bismarckstraße. Because of the expected stream of visitors, the area of the sprint will be divided into 14 visitor blocks. The entrance to these blocks will be controlled by means of limited wristbands.

In order to ensure a timely entrance to the sprint area, the press office hands out respective wristbands to accredited journalists and photographers. These wristbands enable you to enter all visitor blocks at Bismarckstraße.

There is no separate press area for representatives of the press!

Registration period ends on 16th June.


Stadt Mönchengladbach
41050 Mönchengladbach
fax: 02161 – 25 20 99

The tour route (driver’s field) must not be entered!

Responsible is die Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.),Organizer of the Tour de France. Accreditations are made through the A.S.O.-Plattform here!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact A.S.O. to disposal:

Fabrice Tiano: ;Tel.: +33 141 334 664; mobil: +33 633 862 864
Clément Duriez: ; Tel.: +33 141 331 732