„TOURFIEBER all inklusive“  – limited VIP-Package

Experience the Tour de France up close and live – in Mönchengladbach! At July 2017, the rider field of the world’s largest cycling race will fight through Mönchengladbach and experience the first sprint of the tour on Bismarckstraße. Experience this sporting event at close range in reserved squares of the exclusive VIP-Grandstand.

Enjoy the attractive supporting program before and after the sprint in the company rooms of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle inclusive food and drinks. Throughout the day, we will keep you up-to-date with live broadcasts from the Tour de France, so do not miss any highlights and live on the sprint track.

The VIP package includes:

  • A reception in the company rooms of the historical Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle
  • 1 seating VIP-grandstand / Ehrentribüne on the Sprintstrecke Bismarckstraße (with live transmission)
  • Participation in the framework-day program / Livemusik at the Konzertmuschel near to Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle
  • Live broadcasting of the entire tour stage (Düsseldorf-Liège) in the rooms of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle and in Bunter Garten(Park)
  • Participation in the „After-Sprint-Party“ in the company rooms of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle with live broadcast
  • Buffet & drinks all-inclusive


The exclusive tickets for „TOURFIEBER all-inclusive“ are available for 250 EURO p.P. including
Charges and VAT) to order by e-mailto jacqueline.bourgeois@mgmg.de or by phone at 02161/25 24 20. The supporting program starts at 11.30 am; End 6 p.m.
Please note that only a limited number is available and will be issued upon receipt of the orders.

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